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Glue Up Academy

Enabling business transformation through
the power of digitalization.

We help you get started on your digital transformation journey, no matter what stage of digital maturity you are at.

From basics to specialization and business transformation, the Glue Up Academy designs digital learning experiences & transformation solutions that help you and your organization grow.

Glue Up Helps you amplify expertise through email campaigns

Get rich learning experiences

We provide you with an effective learning experience designed to elevate your digital capability. Мы работаем с экспертами, которые являются лидерами в отрасли электронного маркетинга, чтобы предоставить вам высококачественный стандарт обучения и доступ к лучшим практикам.

Glue Up helps you deliver better online and offline events in one place

Get classes that suit
your needs

We offer relevant digital programs to set you up for success. Whether you are starting out or specializing in your field of expertise, our programs utilize a blended approach of technical and experiential learning.

Glue Up Helps you amplify expertise through email campaigns

Get recognized by the industry

We offer the only digital certification recognized by industry organizations. It assures professionals and industry partners of the quality and integrity of learning acquired by our students.

Software Certification Courses


This comprehensive 3-day program will give you a full understanding on how event management works. Bring your business to the next level by acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to plan, design, and facilitate events and marketing.

  • Управление мероприятиями
  • CRM
  • Email кампании
  • Опросы

This comprehensive 5-day program will give you a full understanding of how automating your membership management can increase your productivity and member engagement.

  • Управление членствами
  • Управление мероприятиями
  • CRM
  • Email кампании

Glue Up Academy helps marketing professionals unlock their potential and accelerate their marketing.

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing Analytics
  • E-Commerce
  • CRM and Data Management
Часто задаваемые вопросы

Часто задаваемые вопросы


Are the certification courses for free?

Yes, all Glue Up Academy certification courses are for free.

Who can I ask questions about the certification program?

Вы можете связаться с нашей дружной командой, отправив нам сообщение по адресу events@glueup.com или customersuccess@glueup.com. Вы также можете позвонить в один из наших офисов.

What time are the live online courses?

The webinars will be happening at 12pm on your local timezone. See the full schedule here. Reminders will be sent to all participants one day and one hour before the live session starts.

Who or what is Glue Up?

Glue Up is a leading engagement management company that provides solutions designed to streamline operations. Event organizers, agencies, marketeers, businesses, chambers of commerce, associations, and nonprofits. Glue Up's cutting-edge SaaS platform combines the best event management, email marketing, CRM, membership management and mobile apps.Универсальная и простая платформа «всё-в-одном». Позвоните в один из наших офисов.

What background knowledge is necessary?

No matter what stage of digital maturity you are at. Either digitally present, digitally active, digitally engaged, digitally competitive, or digitally mature there's an Glue Up Academy course designed for you.

Can I ask questions during classes?

There is a Q&A session allotted after each classes. We encourage participants to write down questions during the lecture and ask them during the Q&A session.

Is this course really 100% online? Do I need to attend any classes in person?

All Glue Up Academy courses and certifications are done online.

What tool will you use for online webinars?

The webinars will be done via Zoom. A day before your registered class we will be sending out a link where you can dial in or join via your laptop.

How can I view my certification?

When you've completed one of Glue Up Academy certifications, we will send you a digital copy of you certification. You can embed the certification badge onto your website, or add it to LinkedIn.

The course takes place during the time I am not available. What do I do?

You can watch the courses on demand, the Glue Up Academy team will be emailing registrants a link to a video from a given day shortly after we wrap up the session.

Can I just attend one class?

Yes you can, but only a certificate of participation will be given upon request.


Do I have to complete practical exercises to pass the certification?

Yes, certifications are only given to those who have taken and passed a series of Certification Exams. If you do not opt in to take the Certification Exam for Glue Up Academy Certification, a Certificate of Participation will be issued instead.

When do I have to complete a practical examination?

Once the test questions are sent, you need to complete the practical examination in one week. Reminders will be sent periodically during this time.

I passed, but think I can get a better score. Can I take the test again?

You can retake the exam as many times as you wish, but do let us know your most recent test so we can score accordingly.

When will my certification practical examination be graded?

Examinations are graded manually, which usually takes between five to seven business days. Send us an email to check the status of your practical examination.


What's the best way to show off my badge?

Your badge represents all the hard work you put into earning a certification — and not to mention your expertise. Show it off! Here are a few of the ways you can demonstrate your expertise:

Add it to your website.

Add your badge to your email signature.

Add your certification to your LinkedIn profile by using the "Add profile section" feature then add Glue Up Academy under "Licenses & Certifications".

Do you give out editable files of the badges?

We do not give out editable files of the badges and certifications.

Can I change the name on my certification badge?

Unfortunately you cant. Therefore, please make sure you register with your correct/complete name. If there is a typographical error, send us an email and we'll be happy to update it for you.

Что делает наши решения особенными?

Успешное партнерство начинается с отличного программного обеспечения, которое работает как для вас, так и для вашего сообщества.
Наши отмеченные наградами решения не только усиливают взаимодействие, но и оптимизируют работу организаций любого масштаба.

Glue Up Top 20 Rated in Capterra
Glue Up is one of GetApp Category Leaders for Association Management Jul-20
Glue Up is one of the Software Advice Frontrunners for Association Management Jul-20

Это не просто слова, когда мы говорим «всё-в-одном»

Мы очень довольны простотой использования системы. Мы редко тратим время на обучение персонала, так как большинство пользователей просто "в теме". Простое и готовое решение. У нас уже есть четыре аккаунта Glue Up.

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Glue Up helps you manage your memberships more efficiently

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